About Us

We at RenPro are passionate about cars, trucks and all things powersports. We try to buy vehicles we think the public wants during these tough economic times and then we offer them at, or near, private party prices. We do this by having very little overhead, no sales staff, no air conditioned office or lot people. We have a small lot for showing cars but our mainstay is the internet. If you see something you like or we find you something you want, you look at the car, drive it and if we do business, we do all of the paperwork, including all of the DMV documents. No pressure, no upsell and you are in & out in very little time. With no hassles, it really is a whole new way to buy. You get great vehicles, great prices and you spend very little time, giving you more time to enjoy life and your new vehicle.

Every vehicle we sell is checked out, driven to ensure it’s road-worthiness and if it doesn’t meet our criteria, we DO NOT BUY IT! Keep in mind that we won’t buy a problem vehicle but, other dealers do and these vehicles are what the general population have to choose from. Not with us! Our in-place checks give you peace of mind when buying from RenPro Motorsports. Most vehicles are used and should be regarded as such and every used vehicle will have it’s share of issue’s but, we try to eliminate as many as we can.

We disclose all information ( we know of ) in regards to the vehicles we sell and we make sure you are getting the best vehicle your hard earned money can buy. We have integrity, we deal honestly and we mark up very little. TRY US OUT, you will not be disappointed!

We can search/attend auctions to find a specific vehicle for you or we can sell a vehicle for you on consignment or possibly buy outright from you. Contact us, we can be your “Go-To” automotive, truck, SUV or motorcycle company.

We are an automobile team, good customers, good cars and trucks, makes us all a “winning team”!

Dlr. #DA3468  Address: 130 50th ave. Salem, Or.                           Phone # 971-599-0818     E-mail: RenProMs@hotmail.com